CAFE Canada

2015 Workshop Presenters

The CAFE Family Business Symposium program includes a unique combination of dynamic, motivational and educational keynotes as well as hands on, roll up your sleeves and get to it workshops that will provide you and your family with the ultimate learning opportunity for family business in Canada! Here are the workshops scheduled for 2015 (click on each photo to view their biographies and additional details):

The Power of Facilitation – Elevate Your Next Conversation

Dr. Barbara Benoliel, Preferred Solutions

In our busy work and family environment, dialogue is crucial and meetings are often purposeful, for sharing important information and making significant decisions. Business and Family meetings involving a group of familiar faces who may have different opinions always go better when they are facilitated. This hands-on workshop session is geared to everyone that leads meetings of individuals with diverse ideas and opinions including our Families, CAFE Personal Advisory Groups, volunteer boards or committees or even staff meetings! 

The session will focus on a tried and true technique that will help you facilitate conversations and meetings, to get everyone at the table to share information and to reach the important decisions together at the right time.

Daughters and Sons - Insights FROM Successors, FOR Successors

David C. Bentall, Next Step Advisors, Jacoline Loewen, UBS Bank (Canada) & Elizabeth Suske, Regal Lifestyle Communities Inc.

This interactive workshop will explore the primary challenges that daughters and sons in family business face and the best strategies for addressing them.


The Basics of Family Governance

Dana Telford, The Family Business Consulting Group

Effective governance boils down to good decision-making, which is typically very tricky in a family business.  Why? Family business owners face unique complexities that, left unattended, will put the family’s business, wealth and relationships at risk. Challenges such as managing interpersonal family relationships, protecting the health of the business, determining a fair process for hiring family members, passing shares to the next generation, managing conflicts, defining and passing a legacy of guiding principles, and improving communication patterns and processes.

Join Dana as he shares proven ideas and tools to help you manage these natural, predictable challenges, govern your family business and create a fair, rational system for making decisions that benefit the family, the business and the owners.


Entitlement vs. Engagement - What is your Family Business Legacy??

Dr. Julie Morton, Conscious Legacy Coaching & Susan Fulford, Northwood Family Office LP

This working session will help to identify and facilitate three working models to build a generation that respect engagement in the family business, rather than living a life of entitlement.  Every business founder struggles with the dilemma of having built incredible success usually at the cost of extreme sacrifices in other parts of their life. Best Practices are shared from a broad spectrum of business, education and academia to provide three suggested working models to help G1, and generations thereafter, create an environment that celebrates "Engagement in the Family Business" in contrast to "Entitlement at the cost of the Family Business".

Family Tradition - Protecting the Older Generation

Dr. Barbara Benoliel, Preferred Solutions

As the senior generation ages, lots of plans take into consideration the business needs for succession, but what happens to other needs of aging founders. In this interactive workshop we will review a checklist of personal, business and ownership needs of seniors who either have a continued stake in the business or are no longer active, but supported through the business.


Making Your Sibling Team Work

Andrew Pigott, The Succession Bridge

Whether working together as leaders in a business, board members or merely owning assets together, brothers and sisters need to learn to work together efficiently and effectively to ensure their joint success, the success of the business and long term cohesion as a family unit.  The key takeaway will be to convey the need for purposeful development of communication structures for the family that will encourage an open and robust dialogue among all stakeholders. The importance of effective communication is difficult to overstate, given that 97% of all failed successions are a result of breakdowns in trust and communication.

Who Builds the Next Generation of Leadership? 

David W. Osborne, Predictive Success Corporation

How can we set our leaders up for success, breathe effective and meaningful leadership into the organization and shrink the gap between organizational strategy and reality? The answer lies in accountability. David will guide participants through the value of playing to win for the future and stacking the bench with leaders who are worth following. CAFE members need to learn how to link processes and systems to strategy in organizational visions, mission and goals and build a leadership pipeline that supports development and longevity.


Revelations of The Family Business Owner – Uncovering The Mysteries
Of A Successful Financial Future

Jeff Sproul & Paul Mascard, Northland Wealth Management 

The success of the business family is often measured by the operation of the business itself. However, the financial success of the business family extends much further, to the financial security and independence of each family unit. This interactive workshop will identify and address the many pitfalls family business owners face in the next stage of their financial futures.

Technical and Emotional Complexity in the Family Enterprise - 
Which one is Driving the Bus?

Todd Coleman, BMO Private Banking & Peter Vaughan, Your Family Enterprise Advisors Inc.

Many people underestimate the emotional complexity of their family enterprise and how those challenges impact technical decisions. In this interactive workshop, we will unlock the mystery to one of family enterprise’s most perplexing questions: Why is it so complicated? Using the common tool of the genogram as the starting point, we will dig deep into the systemic realities which fuel the worst of our interactions, and discuss how to use this same power to fuel the best of our synergies at home and in business.  


Effective Conflict Engagement for Business Families

Karen Laprade, Lead Family Enterprise Advisors & Jamie Chicanot, ADR Education

The complexity of relationships and dynamics that feature in how business families interact and engage in disagreement is profound. This discussion and learning event will touch on some of the foundations of conflict engagement in family systems; including the role of values, identity, intergenerational differences and the significance of emotional engagement.



Family Business Strategy 2.0 - Reconnecting with your Strategy to Achieve Success

Stephen R. Binder, Krista Han & Paul R. Coleman, Grant Thornton LLP

For many family business owners, the measure of success lies in creating a dynamic enterprise capable of thriving, when faced with current business challenges, to benefit future generations. To achieve this goal, you need a focused, fluid and relevant strategy. If you don’t have this kind of strategy, or you’re not sure it’s working, this workshop is for you.


Painting a Clear Picture of Long Term Family Success

Grant Walsh, Beverly J. Johnson & Perry B. Muhlbier, KPMG Enterprise

Note: This session is for family businesses only and participants will benefit most if more than one family member joins in.

It’s a painting session!! Yes a painting session with real paint, real paint brushes and real canvasses. It's all about your ability to paint a clear picture.

Long term family business success is the ability to sustain economic success (growth and profitability) while maintaining family harmony. The former is far too often achieved at the expense of the latter. So ... how does a family business ensure they are effectively pursuing both of these lofty objectives?