CAFE Canada


"As we move toward the third generation of family being considered for employment within the company, we are drawing on all the resources we can to make sure this is done in the most effective way possible. In my mind, CAFE is like a portal to understanding - a gateway to all of this invaluable literature and background information. With so many of the issues that you come across in a family business there isn’t one clean-cut answer – you have to draw on a number of resources when looking for solutions. One of the most important things CAFE did for me personally was provide me with the opportunity to network with other business owners and in the process realize that there were so many sources of information available."

Minto Developments
Ottawa Chapter - Family Member


"It was great for our family to have confirmation from the Association that we were on the right path with our succession plan and had a firm foundation for further growth.Membership in CAFE has really helped us as a family business, especially considering that I am the only child actively working in the business. Advice from CAFE has meant that we have incorporated useful elements and made some improvements to our existing succession plan – all of which has seen the whole family being more involved."

Schiffer Properties Corporation
Vancouver Island Chapter


"I have been a member of a CAFE Personal Advisory Group and found it really interesting. I was surprised to hear so many other family businesses face the same problems and successes that we do. Being involved in CAFE put our antennas up with regard to the succession issue. Hearing other people’s stories about the process of transitioning company ownership has been really beneficial in helping us make sure we’re on track with our planning."

Regina Auto Body
Regina Chapter


"We have attended a number of CAFE courses on succession and while we don’t have our plan firmly in place yet, CAFE has helped us realize that we actually do need a plan! The fact that succession planning has been discussed by our family at all would not have happened without CAFE. Our family will definitely call on CAFE resources when the time comes for us to finalize our strategy."

Gallagher’s Garage
Ottawa Chapter


"CAFE has helped myself and my siblings to complete our succession plan. Our business was originally founder-based when we joined and is now well into the second generation. The programming and introduction to experts helped us avoid many pitfalls during the transition. CAFE has been an important partner in assisting our family succession planning which is now involves the third generation."

ZLC Financial Group
Vancouver Chapter Family Member


"The value we have obtained from being a member of CAFE has been immeasurable. We have benefited from improved family communication and understanding. Joining a PAG has allowed me to learn from others in similar positions."

Maxwell Floors
Vancouver Chapter Family Member


"Over the past 10 years, CAFE has consistently provided my family with the information, knowledge and resources that helped us avoid difficult situations, overcome challenges as they arose, and empowered us to have the confidence to make tough decisions going forward.  The time we have committed to attending CAFE events as a family has paid for itself time and time again.  We are passionate supporters of the organization."

Doug Nelson
Nelson Financial Consultants
Manitoba Chapter, Family Member


"The importance of family business in the local, national and international economies cannot be understated.  I am proud to have been part of the team that brought CAFE to Victoria and I remain a strong supporter of their efforts."

Alex Campbell
Thrifty Foods
Vancouver Island Chapter


"I'm passionate about CAFE. It supported me in taking over the family business from my dad and aided me in doing it in a way where both the business and my relationship with my father flourished. How? By connecting me with peers who had similar experiences and putting me in touch with professional advice and resources specific to family businesses.  I couldn’t have done it without CAFE."

Mandy Farmer
President & CEO, Accent Inns
Vancouver Island Chapter


"The education that myself and my family have received through CAFE programs has significantly contributed to our family and business success. Not only is the information relevant to family business, we really enjoy the opportunity to socialize with other members of the local family business community."

James McKenzie
President, Monk Office Supply Ltd.
Vancouver Island Chapter


"My PAG has played a significant role in my personal and professional success. The value I have obtained from participating in a personal advisory group has been immeasurable."

Samantha Holmes
Co-owner & Manager, Bolen Books
Vancouver Island Chapter