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The Family Business FORUM

On November 5, 2015 The Family Business FORUM was held at the Living Arts Centre, Mississauga, Ontario. This is the ultimate gathering for family enterprise in Central Ontario and represents a unique opportunity for your organization to connect and network with owners, founders, management executives, academics and advisors of family businesses from across Ontario as they meet to learn, share experiences and celebrate their success! 

The Family Business FORUM is a half day conference, featuring 8 speakers delivering short, 20 minute ‘Talks’ on trends, best practices and issues of particular relevance to Family Business. This year’s FORUM will have a specific focus on next generation leadership issues.

Networking is an integral part of The Family Business FORUM experience therefore we have ½ hour networking break scheduled so delegates and speakers can engage in open dialogue. Distractions will be minimal and interactions maximized.  It’s a fast paced, engaging way to learn, connect and network!

Learn and Earn!

The Family Business FORUM is pre-approved by IFEA for Continuing Education (CE) credits. IFEA grants 1 CE credit for every educational hour. FORUM offers 2 solid hours of educational learning that will enhance, improve and expand FEA designates’ skills, knowledge and abilities in the field of family enterprise advising - attend FORUM to learn and earn 2 CE credits!


Emma O'Dwyer

The “bus” can hit you at any time…Make sure you have a Plan B

What is now The Matcom Group, was founded in 1976 by Matthew O’Dwyer with the goal to allow Tradespersons to know their weekly income by offering a 40 hour work week 52 weeks a year. What started as a small machinery moving company in a shipping container has now become a full-service multi-trade industrial machinery solutions business in an 85,000sqft state of the art facility that helps our customers manage all aspects of their equipment. Over the years, additional services have been continuously added to our roster as a direct response to market demands. Matcom has been under the leadership of Kathryn and Emma O’Dwyer, since Matthew’s sudden medical leave in 2008. Although there was a solid family succession plan in place, it did not include what to do if Matthew wasn’t a part of it. Emma O'Dwyer will take you through the good, the bad and the funny times that the O’Dwyer and Matcom Family have been through while they work the new plan at hyper speeds! Learn from their experience as Emma shares their story and what they wish they had done before the “Bus” hit them.

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Rosanne Longo

Innovation in the Next Generation

Longo Bros. Fruit Markets was founded by three brothers, Tommy, Joe and Gus Longo in 1956. At the time, they simply wanted to utilize their strong work ethic and be able to support their family. What started as a single fruit market has evolved into a chain of grocery stores focusing on quality, service and value, which has been the foundation for the last 60 years. Built on a strong belief and commitment to family, fresh food, opportunity and philanthropy, Rosanne Longo will share her family's story and how their entrepreneurial spirit, led by these cornerstones, remain as founding values that guide innovation in the next generation. Not only will you learn who the Longo family is and what they do, but be inspired by what motivates them to continue to do it.

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Margaret Hudson

Leading with Family Values

Burnbrae Farms is a family owned and operated company that has been producing eggs for over 70 years. With egg grading, breaking, and farming operations in 5 provinces across Canada, it has been privately owned and operated by the Hudson family since the farm itself was founded in 1893. Margaret Hudson will share her family story and how her family’s values have influenced Burnbrae Farm’s commitment to social responsibility, animal welfare and community involvement.

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Alex Martin

Why is "literacy" important to me if I already know how to read?

The term "Financial Literacy" is popping up everywhere, but what does it really mean? Does the concept of Financial Literacy imply a level of financial illiteracy? Those who already know how to build a budget and navigate financial statements may find themselves thinking that Financial Literacy does not apply to them. Alex Martin, Family Enterprise Advisor and Vice President & Investment Advisor with Integrated Wealth Planning at TD Wealth Private Investment Advice will take a concept that may be on the way to becoming yet another industry buzzword and will show you what it means, why it matters and how going beyond the basics can help you to have both the confidence and the competence to help enhance your success personally and professionally at various points in the life cycle of a family business.

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Nathalie Boutet

Traversing the emotional road to a pre-nuptial agreement –
Why it’s so important for your family & business!

Entering into a new relationship is an exciting time for the young couple as well as the family.  A next generation family member who own shares in the business or receives money or gifts from the family business will be impacted by Family Law when they marry. What laws apply? How do you use pre-nuptial agreements to manage the financial concerns and to support a healthy foundation to your relationship and marriage? Come hear Family Law expert Nathalie Boutet present practical solutions to this seemingly daunting conversation.

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Mark Goodfield

 Is Your Financial House in Order?

When you use the term “The Next Generation of Leaders”, you immediately think of youth, energy and optimism. Though you may feel immortal when younger, life does not discriminate. Accidents, disability and even death can unfortunately occur to even our best and brightest, leaving behind grieving families with personal and business financial disasters.  

Our speaker Mark Goodfield, a partner with BDO Canada LLP will discuss the financial, family and estate issues that many younger people tend to ignore, but should be considered and addressed. From ensuring you have a will, to creating or updating shareholder agreements to digital assets and passwords, Mark will discuss the various issues you need to stress test to ensure your financial house is in order.

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Fred Pidsadny

The Strategic Execution Epidemic

Here’s what we know:

  • The Execution of a strat plan is harder than the planning phase, Execution is critical to success!
  • Execution success has been historically low; the proof is in the number of business ship wrecks we’ve seen
  • HBR and Forbes report that Execution Excellence is the #1 Challenge for CEOs
  • The good news, the situation provides a major competitive advantage for those that can get even a little better than their competition
  • The #1 Blockage is unbelievably ‘simple’
  • It’s not about better job descriptions; it’s about strategically aligned accountabilities
  • A simple test to check the alignment of your people to the strategic plan
  • What to do if they are not aligned; how to get real accountability alignment
Founder and President of FOCUS Management, Fred Pidsadny works with leadership teams facilitating the creation of compelling strategic plans. He works at all levels of client organizations, engaging members in strategy execution. He has over 25 years’ experience in the public and private sectors, including family owned enterprises, in Canada, the USA and Mexico. Fred is passionate about helping family businesses avoid the Execution Epidemic!

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Arthur C. Salzer


Secrets of the Rothchild’s and Rockefeller’s that will save your shirtsleeves

Now, we’ve all heard the expression, ‘Shirtsleeves to shirtsleeves in three generations’ but does this really have to occur? Join longstanding CAFE member and supporter, Arthur C. Salzer, CEO & CIO of Northland Wealth Management to learn the secrets that successful multi-generational families such as the Rothschild’s and Rockefeller’s employ to pass their wealth and traditions on to the next generation. Arthur will share what he has learned from his two and half decades of experience dealing with successful families.

Topics of discussion will include:

  • Impact Investing
  • Family trusts
  • Family banks
  • Philanthropy & more

Northland Wealth Management is a premier independent Canadian multi-family office and wealth advisory firm founded in 2011. Northland Wealth Management provides access to leading institutional quality traditional and alternative investment opportunities. The firm comprises a team of professionals with an average of 25 years' experience, who are dedicated to providing objective and comprehensive advice, with a focus on financial, and estate planning, family governance, closely held business and succession issues.

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