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The Family Business FORUM, a Short Talks 1/2 day conference, provides business families with timely relevant information in a high impact format. All sessions are videotaped as a resource for the CAFE website and are featured below. Individual talks are very focused, 15 to 20 minutes in duration. Extensive networking opportunities for Business Families to Share their experience in a large group format.

October 4, 2016 Videos

From Soft News to Hard News in the Blink of an Eye: Protecting the Family Business When Crisis Hits

Maria Galipo, Sicilian Ice Cream

How to Control and Protect Your Family's Financial Future

Joel Clark, KJ Harrison

Love, Loyalty and Legacy: Protecting The Family Business That Helped Build a New Life in Canada

Paul Attia, Attia Quarry

Divorce: Protecting the Family Member and the Family Business When a Marital Breakdown Occurs

Nathalie Boutet, Boutet Family Law

Rumours, Relationships and Reputation: The Importance of Building a Strong Family Business Brand

Paul-Andre Bosc, Chateau des Charmes

Expect the Unexpected: Lead Your Business into a Bright Future and Avoid Tax Traps

Rachel Gervais and Giselle Bodkin, BDO Canada

Lessons Learned from a Catastrophic Family Business Sale: Protecting Your Family, Business, Assets and Legacy

Susan Fulford, Dynamic Legacy

Disgruntled and Dismissed: How to Prevent and Deal with Damage to Your Business Reputation and Assets

Caroline Abela and Marie-Andree Vermette, WeirFoulds LLP

November 5, 2015 Videos

The "Bus" Can Hit You at Any Time...Make Sure You Have a Plan B

Emma O'Dwyer, The Matcom Group

Is Your Financial House in Order?

Mark Goodfield, BDO Canada LLP

Innovation in the Next Generation

Rosanne Longo, Longo Bros. Fruit Markets

Why is "Literacy" Important to Me if I Already Know How to Read?

Alex Martin, Integrated Wealth Planning at TD

Traversing the Emotional Road to a Pre-Nuptial Agreement- Why It's so Important for Your Family and Business!

Nathalie Boutet, Boutet Family Law

Leading With Family Values

Margaret Hudson, Burnbrae Farms

The Strategic Execution Epidemic

Fred Pidsadny, FOCUS Management

Secrets of the Rothchilds and Rockefellers that will save your shirtsleeves

Arthur C. Salzer, Northland Wealth Management

November 19, 2014 Videos

Focusing on Your Success in Sales

Darren Rabie, Focus America

Next Generation Family Business Branding

Jeremy Miller, Sticky Branding

The Weather Network - 25 years and Just Getting Started!

Pierre L. Morrissette, Pelmorex Media Inc.

Customers Come Third - AnswerPlus' Family Business Story

Dana Lloyd, AnswerPlus

Topper’s Pizza Family Story - Over 100 years in the Making!

Keith Toppazzini, Topper's Pizza

Lead Like a Legend: How to Master Your Influence

Mary Engel, The Management Coach

Practice what you preach; handing over the reins in private practice

Michael Henry, Houser, Henry & Syron LLP

Videos November 5, 2013 (Click on Image to view)

 Steve    Darren    Muldoons
Steve Beauchesne
Beau's All Natural Brewing Company     
  Darren Rabie
Focus America
  Chris Clarke
First Affiliated 
Lorne   Patrick   Domenic 
Lorne Rapkin
Crowe Soberman 
  Patrick McCaully
Pointman PR 
  Domenic Primucci
Pizza Nova

Gold Sponsors November 5, 2013




Videos November 2012 & April 2013 (Click on image to view)

 Larry Rosen    Allen    Muldoons    Frank Dempsey
Larry Rosen - Harry Rosen   Allen Taylor - The Taylor Group
  Shaun & Jimmy Muldoon - Muldoon's Own   Frank Dempsey - Dempsey Corporation
Arnie   Patrick   Albert Luk    Mitch Silverstein
Arnie Strub
Strub's Pickles
  Patrick Berminham
Bermingham Foundation Solutions 
  Albert Luk
Devry Smith Frank LLP 
  Mitch Silverstein
Caroline Abela   Robin   arry Klar    Jennifer Gannon
Caroline Abela  
WeirFoulds LLP
  Robin Kovitz
Jet Star Capital Ltd
  Larry Klar
The Succession Fund
  Jennifer Gannon
BonaVista Pools 


The Following all participated in The Family Business EVENT on March 29th, 2012 (Click Image to view Video)


Jeremy Miller    Rebranding For The Next Generation
The strategies that made the first generation successful may not work for the second. They may not even be relevant.
Over the past decade the emergence of tools like Google, social media and websites have all upset the rules of branding, marketing and sales. Jeremy Miller will discuss how a family business can prepare their next generation to evolve their business to stand out and thrive.
 Bertram Family  
Bertram Construction - Family Business Story

Lisa Bertram  
Bertram Construction is a third generation family owned and operated business serving the commercial, industrial, institutional and multi – unit residential sectors. The firm was founded 1934 by Ross Bertram. Ross's two sons, Barry and Ted, joined the family business in the 1960s. In 1998, they sold the retail operations and formed a new company involving Ted, Barry, and Barry's daughter, Lisa. Today, Bertram Construction (Ontario) Ltd. has grown to become Barrie's principal ICI General Contractor.  
 Ali Spinner   Transferring Your Business: Exploring Some Tax Issues in Succession Planning
Ali Spinner advises privately-held businesses from a wide range of sectors and industries that include automotive and transportation, manufacturing, wholesale and distribution, and real estate and construction. In her talk, Ali gives an overview of the different methods of transferring a business, together with a discussion of the tax considerations of each.
 Grant Walsh    A Successor Grooming Tool:  "The Management Table Concept" – Grooming the Next Generation for Success
This management succession approach has proven to be effective in allowing for a gradual transition of management control to the next generation while keeping the former owners actively involved and informed in the future activities of the family business. The result is that the successors become actual successors and behave as such while the former owner becomes a true advisor, coach and mentor. They say one of the greatest tests for an owner is, “the ability to let go”. Grant Walsh will show you how to facilitate the attainment of this challenging objective.
 Jeff Noble  

 One Day You WILL Exit!  lt's as certain as death and taxes...
A strategic discussion of Succession Planning that explores the specific fears of founders, of successors and also the fears they share. Jeff Noble will outline the options that are available to help overcome those fears and the criteria to use in confronting and managing the ultimate challenge: succession, transition and exit. 


Bob Basadur


CAFE Central Ontario Family Enterprise of the Year Achievement Award 2012 Recipient - Basadur Applied Creativity 
Bob Basadur 
Founded 30 years ago by Dr. Min Basadur, Basadur Applied Creativity is a unique global company experienced in helping organizations use applied creativity to solve problems and create growth opportunities. 
Basadur first help people and organizations discover the 'why' and then lead them through the 'how' to solve the most complex problems. The Mission of Basadur Applied Creativity is to permanently change how entire organizations think so that creative thinking becomes a way of life.  

 Julie Ruben Rodney  

Overcoming Key Leadership Challenges to Employee Engagement
What do employees really want?  If you are a business leader committed to achieving your business goals, as well as creating a dynamic workplace, this session will explore the answer to this question through an informative, practical and energetic keynote.  Using real-life examples and powerful stories, Julie Ruben Rodney will engage the audience and demonstrate the role the “direct leader” plays in engaging, motivating and retaining the best employees in their organization.

 Karim Ismail   How You Can Model the Growth of the World’s Most Successful Companies
From 1986 to 2011, some of the world’s most successful companies followed the “4+2” formula for sustained business success. Their revenue grew by 110% ANNUALLY; their company value grew by 162% ANNUALLY; and their share price grew by an average of 1,870% (versus 395% for the TSX). Turns out, this 4+2 model for growth works equally well for smaller, entrepreneurial companies! Karim Ismail will share the Harvard Business Review outline that will help your business model the growth profile of the worlds leading corporations!
 Lynn Johannsen   Greening: The Colour of Success 
Greening your business can make the difference between a vibrant future and a legacy riddled with liability. There is a groundswell of success stories - companies saving significant dollars, while expanding their business, and innovating new products. What simple things can you do to be successful and green? Lynn Johannson shares 30 years experince improving the ecological impact of corporations. Greening your productivity for profitability and prosperity - to save, get and make money while going green. Your choice - be a part of the solution!
 Dan Trommater

Leadership from the Magician's Perspective
Based on a career leading audiences to experiences of wonder, Dan Trommater shows how leaders can build strong relationships and lead more effectively by applying the tactics and philosophies of professional magicians. Through stories, magic and optical illusions, Dan shows the value in gaining new perspectives and holding assumptions lightly. 

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